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Environmental Policy

R B Allfree & Co Ltd are dedicated to protect the environment and minimise environmental pollution (air, noise, water, waste, litter etc.). Our main commitment is to promote the use of sustainable resources and energy efficiency in both our own construction activities and that of our sub-contractors, thus assuring customers of our commitment to demonstrate environmental management.

R B Allfree & Co Ltd’s general policy towards this is:

i. Utilise thorough waste management practices.

ii. Materials which may be harmful to the environment will be kept to a minimum.

iii. Promote efficient purchasing of materials which will both avoid waste and ensure recycling and re-use of materials wherever possible.

iv. Save energy by means of minimising the consumption and getting maximum efficiency.

v. Minimise the degree of the environmental impact of operations within the Company’s area of influence.

vi. Exercise due care in respect of waste disposal which will be in accordance with current guidelines and legislation.

vii. Promote a constructive working environment by liaising with the government along with other involved parties.

viii. Encourage and recognise the contribution every employee can make towards improving our environmental performance.

ix. Provide appropriate training and awareness for our employees and sub-contractors to ensure emphasis is placed on the protection of the Environment.

x. Develop procedures and support information that enables compliance with laws, regulations and codes of practice in relation to environmental issues.

xi. Prior to commencement of new work, liaise with Clients on potential environmental issues, and thereafter work together to address all troubles and concerns.

xii. Implement measures to set Environmental targets and objectives for all our activities and check performance by regular management and supervisory actions together with independent inspections, audits and guidance.

xiii. Make regular reviews of this policy and our performance towards it, and introduce improvements where possible.

Our policy is continuously reviewed and revised to help preserve and maintain the environment.

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