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Project Experience


Contract: Environmental Improvements, Chesterfield Town Centre

Description: Highway improvements within a live environment consisted of breaking out the existing tarmacadam surface, constructing a new footway, cycle way and carriageway using Concrete Tegular Sets, new street furniture, new/reclaimed York-stone paving to match existing, ducting for CCTV installation and a new Brick Facade.

Value: £850,000
Client: Chesterfield Borough Council

Designer & Engineer: Chesterfield Borough Council – Architects


Land Reclaimation

Contract: Chesterfield Canal, Renishaw

Description: The scheme involved the complete restoration of a disused and derelict canal that had been backfilled, returning it to full navigable standard. This included a new footbridge and sheet piling works.

Value: £840,000

Client: Derbyshire County Council

Designer & Engineer: Derbyshire County Council – Consulting


Car Parks

Contract: Chesterfield Royal Hospital – Car Parks

Description: The construction of three car parks as extensions to existing car parks. The work included excavation, drainage including storage tanks and the extension to an existing balancing pond, finishes, landscaping, signage, lighting and traffic management systems.

Value: £835,000

Client: Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Designer & Engineer: Civil Engineering Consultancy - Chesterfield Borough Council



Contract: New Rising Main & Chamber at Fitzwilliam Estate, Rotherham

Description: The provision and installation of a private rising main and associated air valves and wash down chamber.

Value: £145,000

Client: Fitzwilliam (Wentworth) Estates

Designer & Engineer: Ove Arup & Partners Limited


Roadworks and Drainage

Contract: Markham Colliery Reclamation Scheme

Description: Construction of spillway & weir and commercial infrastructure works including
installation of surface and foul water gravity
drainage systems, provision of new service ducting and the construction of new and reconstruction of existing highways, including relevant traffic management, all to adoptable standards.

Value: £750,000

Client: Fitzwise Limited

Designer & Engineer: Derbyshire County Council – Consulting


Industrial Buildings

Contract: Offices & Industrial Development at Coney Green

Description: Infrastructure works for commercial
development including importation and compaction
of engineered fill with dynamic and vibro
compaction. Surface, highway and foul sewer system, services, landscaping, highway and footway construction and all external works up to and including concrete floor, for 60,000 square feet of office and industrial units, all constructed to adoptable and building regulations approval.

Value: £785,000

Client: Coney Green Developments (UK) Ltd
Designer & Engineer: Mitchell & Proctor and HSP Consulting



Contract: Recycle & Waste Transfer Station, Hermitage Lane Depot, Mansfield

Description: Construction of Waste Processing enclosure within an existing live council depot.

Value: £150,000
Client: Mansfield District Council
Designer & Engineer: Mansfield District Council – Technical Services


Reinforced Concrete Structures

Contract: Foundations and External Concrete Paving at Chesterfield Special Cylinders

Description: New machine foundation bases and external concreting works.

Value: £440,000
Client: Chesterfield Special Cylinders Limited
Designer & Engineer: Michael Newton Associates


Railway Works

Contract: Cudworth & West Green By-Pas Rail Bridge, Barnsley

Description: Construction of bridge abutments in
controlled environment adjacent to live railway lines.

Value: £30,000
Client: Construction Marine Limited
Designer & Engineer: WIG


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